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Elie Meouchi - Owner

Hello I'm Elie. I've been passionate about crypto since I can remember. Due to high demands in Lebanon and the fact that our banking system is still too outdated to handle transactions with international exchanges, and the recent crisis ended the people's trust in the Lebanese banking system, Crypto LEB decided to step in to provide the people with a way to buy or sell their crypto with minimal fees and ease. No one is ready to buy or sell Bitcoins using a local bank, everyone tries to buy from someone else, and international exchanges do not have Lebanon on the allowed list of countries.
We are hands down the most trusted and reputable Crypto service provider in Lebanon. If you are paying via OMT we guarantee a fixed lock on your crypto on the time of purchase which is a way to fix a Crypto price at the time of OMT payment, so you can benefit if the price increases and is not responsible for losses if the price decreases in case we were not able to deliver Crypto on time. Cryptoleb.net is mentioned as a trusted broker by Bitcoin Du Liban.

I am currently looking for Buying and Selling Bitcoin in Lebanon if you need to buy or sell bitcoin, let's get in touch , !

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